ModemManager is a system daemon which controls WWAN (2G/3G/4G/5G) devices and connections.

Alongside NetworkManager, ModemManager is the default mobile broadband management system in most standard GNU/Linux distributions (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux…), and is also available in custom systems built with e.g. buildroot, yocto/openembedded or ptxdist.

ModemManager may also be used in routers running openwrt (integrated with netifd as a new protocol handler), or to manage both voice and data in mobile phones running postmarketos (PINE64 PinePhone, BQ Aquaris X5, OnePlus 6…).

libqmi, libmbim and libqrtr-glib are additional libraries that are developed under the umbrella of the ModemManager project, but which can also be used independently with their own command line tools.

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This website provides multiple resources that will let you understand how the ModemManager daemon works and how it can be used either from other applications or from the command line.

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