Project communication

Different ways to communicate with the project developers

Reporting bugs

Bugs should be reported through the gitlab instance:

Suggesting changes or fixes

Changes and fixes should be suggested through the gitlab instance:

Mailing lists

Formal discussion of issues, project features or any general question about the projects should be posted to the corresponding project mailing list. These mailing lists are public and archived for future reference.

Please subscribe to the mailing list before sending new messages, or otherwise each message sent will need to be manually approved by the list administrator.

ModemManager mailing list

Discussions about ModemManager take place on the modemmanager-devel (at) mailing list:

libqmi mailing list

Discussions about libqmi or libqrtr-glib take place on the libqmi-devel (at) mailing list:

libmbim mailing list

Discussions about libmbim take place on the libmbim-devel (at) mailing list:

Matrix and IRC

Informal discussion about the projects can be done in the project Matrix channel at, which is also bridged to the #modemmanager IRC channel in Libera.Chat.