API reference

Reference manual for the libqmi-glib library.

The libqmi-glib API reference provides a detailed list of operations that may be performed with QMI devices.

Most of the documentation pages are automatically generated from the database of messages that the project maintains, and therefore it won’t give information about the purpose of the operations, or the exact format of the retrieved fields. The documentation is anyway extremely helpful when writing software using the library, as it provides a quick way to browse the interfaces and the expected fields in each message.

In order to know the exact purpose of each message or the format of the retrieved fields, please refer to the generic QMI services references from Qualcomm or to the vendor-specific service references. Most of these documents are only provided by Qualcomm under NDAs.

Online references

The most up to date API reference of the libqmi-glib library is kept in the following location:

The full list of API references published is kept for future reference:

There is no API reference published for stable release updates that didn’t have any API change.

Local reference

The API reference is usually installed along with the libqmi-glib library (sometimes as a separate distribution package) under /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/libqmi-glib/ and can be browsed locally via the Devhelp tool. The version of the installed reference will be the one applying to the libqmi-glib library installed in the system.